The EWRS is an international organization which promotes and co-ordinates scientific research into all aspects of weed science.


Journal Weed Research

In case you lost your login codes for online Weed Research access, please request your login codes directly at Wiley-Blackwell:

Elena Rodríguez
Membership Services Specialist
Journal Membership Services for John Wiley & Sons 

The Society's membership includes the privilege to receive a personal copy of the Society's journal WEED RESEARCH free of charge or at a reduced price, as decided by the Board annually.

It is not allowed to hand-over this personal copy to a library or other institution. The copy is for personal use only.

Information concerning subscriptions for non-members, libraries, and other institutions can be derived from the Wiley-Blackwell Weed Research website.

  • The Society's journal is published by Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK,
  • Registration for the Society's membership leads automatically to the subscription to Weed Research. Your correspondence address will be transferred to the subscriptions department of Wiley-Blackwell,
  • In case of changes in your correspondence information you need to make the amendment by yourself after login to your record,
  • Correspondence information amended at any time online will be transferred automatically to the subscriptions department of Wiley-Blackwell,
  • Login codes for online acces to your Weed Research issues are sent to you by the subscription department of Wiley-Blackwell.

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