The EWRS is an international organization which promotes and co-ordinates scientific research into all aspects of weed science.



Presidents European Weed Research Council (EWRC 1959-1975)



E K WOODFORD (UK)  1959 to 1960  
Bernhard RADEMACHER (DE)  1960 to 1961  
Robert LONGCHAMP (FR)  1961 to 1964  (HM)
Torstein VIDME (NO)  1964 to 1967  (HM)
Jos M T STRYCKERS (BE)  1967 to 1970  (HM)
J P AMARO (PT)  1970 to 1973  
John D FRYER (UK)  1973 to 1975 (also Chairman EWRS Steering Committee)  (HM)
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