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With this website, the Membership Office has brought the EWRS membership administration online. This Membership Office website is additional to the EWRS Main website at The website of the EWRS Membership Office knows a public part, and a membership part which is accessible only to EWRS members.  The membership part is accessible with a login/password procedure. Your personal login codes are sent to you after registration. If you lost your password you can retrieve them here

EWRS website -
The Society publishes all announcements and other information at the EWRS website, not at the Membership Office website.

EWRS Membership Office website –
The Society publishes public membership information for non-members and members at the Membership Office website.

EWRS Member's webpages
After login with your personal login codes at
, the membership WebPages are accessible, restricted to society members only. Also accessible is your own administration record as well as the Invoice(s) for payment of the Membership fee. You are requested to pay online (see procedure details below)

Access login codes
The Username and Password are login codes for access to the membership WebPages and to your personal registration record are sent to you by e-mail upon registration. 

Change of address and personalia
After login at your personal registration information is accessible. 
Choose the button "My account" and use the button "Address Change". Now you may edit your registration details. Use the button "Next step" to save your registration record. 

The red indicated items in your administration form are required items. Likely you will see different red coloured error message lines on top of your administration form. In the online database the information of these items is lacking. The reason is that in the online database we have added several required administration items which were not available in the administration database used until today.

Weed Research <> Change of correspondence-address  
Changes of your correspondence-address information only are automatically sent to the subscription department of Wiley-Blackwell where our journal Weed Research is published and distributed.

Membership term
The membership runs for one calendar year from 1 January through 31 December. The membership is renewed annually per 1 January of the next year. The invoice to pay the annual membership fee will be sent to you in January each year.

Student-members (BSc, MSc, PhD) (up to 28 years of age) need to send a copy of their student_Id card without delay to the membership officer .

Invoice payment
Yearly in January the Invoice will be sent to your e-mail address as PDF attachment to an e-mail message. You are requested to pay online at after login to your record.

In your administration form you may choose the option to register alternative invoice correspondence information other than your own address information, e.g. information of your Finance Department.

You will find your invoice(s) after login to your registration record. Choose the button "My account" and use the button "Invoices". You are requested to pay the Invoice 2010 online with credit card information before the 1st of July, 2010.

One credit card may be used for different payments after login to the membership records of concern.

Outstanding invoice payment
You may find open invoices related to previous membership years. These invoices are shown because we do not have a record that these invoices of previous years have been paid.  You are requested to pay these outstanding invoices preferably within three weeks, but at the latest on the 31st of August, 2010. In the past we have offered the possibility to pay your annual EWRS membership fee nationally to a "National Fee Collector". With the introduction of this Membership Office website the option to pay the fee to a National Fee Collector is no longer available.

Payment procedure:
1. visit

2. login with your username and password
3. choose button "My account"
4. choose "Order history" and select the invoice you want to pay
5. select the text-button "Pay"
6. choose your payment option
7. follow the instructions.
In case you want to read or print the content of your invoice, click the PDF icon.

Change of membership type
One may request the Board to alter the membership type. In case the Board accepts your proposal the actual invoice will be deleted and a new invoice will be set ready on your invoice page.
The procedure is the following:
• do NOT pay the invoice shown in your actual "Order history",
• sent your request to alter your membership type by e-mail to membership officer .
• you will be informed by the membership officer whether your proposal has been accepted or not.

Subsidized Young Scientists
For young scientists that have been awarded with an EWRS subsidy to partcipate in and contribute to the EWRS Symposium 2010 (2007) the membership fee 2010 is waved.

Membership cancellation
In case you need to cancel your membership please do so before the 15th of December of the current subscription year. The membership will be skipped per the 1st of January of the next calendar year.

The following elections for Board officers will take place online on the membership office website. The election module is flexible to accommodate different election procedures. 
As example for future election procedures we have installed the election module temporarily. You may make an attempt: have a go. There is no actual election procedure running at the moment. The next election is in 2011 to nominate and elect the next vice-president and other Board officers.

Find Members
After login you have access to the option to find other EWRS members anywhere in the world. Use the button "Find members", and use the selection options.