Procedures EWRS Elections 2019


>> The nomination round has ended! <<


In 2019, we will elect five Board members, who will start their duties in 2020. First, we seek candidates for the position of Vice-President, Treasurer and Board Secretary. Just like two years ago, with the elections for Vice-President and Scientific Secretary, any member interested in one of these positions is asked to indicate his/her interest online after login to the EWRS Election website.

The candidates that have nominated themselves will be put on the ballot list for the elections, which will be held early September. If a candidate receives the majority of the validly cast votes, he/she will be elected for the position of concern. If no candidate obtains that majority of votes, the two candidates with the highest number of votes will be put on a new ballot list. This second round of voting is scheduled for early October. The candidate with the highest number of votes will be appointed.

Next to candidates for the positions of Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, the ballot list for the Elections in September will contain six members for the position of Additional Board Member. Following the Constitution, this list will be composed by the Officers of the Board. In this case, the two candidates with the highest number of votes will become Additional Board Member for a period of four years.

For the moment we just ask any member interested in the position of Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary to indicate his/her interest on the Election website of the EWRS.

We understand that self-nomination might be a huge step for some of you, as not everyone feels comfortable by actively showing their interest for a function. We understand this, but do hope that you do not let yourself withhold from nominating yourself, as your active contribution is crucial for the well-being of our Society.

In addition, we request all members that, if they have a good candidate in mind, to contact this person and request him/her to nominate him-/herself. The deadline for online nominations has been extended to June 9, 2019.

Terms of Office:

  • Vice-President (2020-2021)
  • General Secretary (2020-2023)
  • Treasurer (2020-2023)

The Elections 2019 involve two rounds:

  1. Nomination of Candidates (19th of April - 9th of June 2019)
  2. Election of Vice-President, Treasurer, Board Secretary, two Additional Board Members
    (September - October 2019, dates will follow in further correspondence)